77,000 Steam Accounts Get Hijacked Per Month


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Valve's Steam website is pretty popular, a huge corner stone in the PC market and you would think such a site would have top notch security right? Wrong.

Valve confirmed that nearly every month, thousands of accounts get hacked in some form or way. Valve can work with you in restoring hacked accounts, but their customer service is just as poor.

Valve will be upping their secuirty in the comings months, but may just end up being annoying to everyone.

So with such high statics, has your account been hacked?
I wonder if many of these hacks happened because a hacker installed spyware onto their victims Windows computers, or the victim was visiting a website which infected their computer with spyware.
I am currently using an authenticator for steam, so i guess i am safe, Plus i have a secured setup with authenticators on my mail as well.
Scammers in steam are increasing day by day.
easily could since you need the steam app on your PCs.

I agree, it could be easily happen because you need Steam on a PC to use Steam. A lot of people may also of got scammed by a scam e-mail or website which looks similar to Steam, and the e-mail or password tricked them into sending their password to a scammer.

People sometimes use the same password and username for all their accounts on different websites, so hackers can sometimes hack into people steam account by stealing their social networking, and e-mail passwords.
I use e-mail verification form my Steam account so any attempt to access it that is "unknown" triggers an e-mail and a code. Plus my password is pretty complex. :) All my e-mails have two step verification as well.