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  1. Demon_Skeith

    Multi Attack on Titan Game Release Date

    The Attack on Titan game from Koei Tecmo is coming to North America August 30th 2016, the company confirmed today. Along with the new trailer, the game will solely be based on the anime and not the manga.
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    Other Easy Allies

    Last Month, Game Trailers shut down. Leaving most of its staff out on its own, so what do they do? They open a new website similar Game Trailers called Easy Allies. Full details below:
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    Did I Save?

    This would be in regards to short term memory failure, but have you ever saved your game and then moments later wonder if you saved it and did it again to be safe?
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    Other Stealing $25,000 in rare video games

    Rare video games, you want them, I want them but for either collection reasons or for sale reasons because pending on the game, they could be worth a lot. Over the course of a few weeks, a person known as Randy Norris briefly stayed at a couple's house which this couple housed a collection of...
  5. Demon_Skeith

    Nintendo Nintendo Video Game Sales

    Nintendo has announced 12 games joining its Nintendo Selects program, which discounts games to $19.99. Special pricing becomes available on March 11th 2016. All of the following games will sell for $20 in the United States: Wii U Super Mario 3D World Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Pikmin 3 NES...
  6. Demon_Skeith

    Nintendo Bravely Second: End Layer Release Date

    The second Bravely Default game, called Bravely Second: End Layer finally has a English release date. It will grace our 3DS handhelds on April 15th, 2016. On the release day is a special Collector's Edition bundle (pictured above) which contains the game, a 250-page deluxe art book, a...
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    Other Speedrunners is a limited Profession

    Speedrunners are video gamers who run through a video game level as fast as possible with or without cheating/glitches. To master that for an official run though, it takes hours and hours of gameplay and that much gaming wears on a person's hands as described by former professional speedrunner...
  8. Demon_Skeith

    Other Spoiled Kid Gets Video Game

    The kid in the video asked for a 2016 copy of the WWE video game, but ended up with the 2015 version. People have offered to get the kid the right version, but the DS has to ask if the kid deserves the game after such a show?
  9. Demon_Skeith

    Old school PC game would you want to see updated?

    There is a lot of classic PC games out there with a very old and worn out feeling to it. So what old PC game would you like to see brought to the recent age of gaming to be brought up to standard updates, utilizing all the recent developments in gaming technology and what not?
  10. Demon_Skeith

    Horror Games

    With it nearly being Halloween, what are some of your favorite horror, creepy, spooky or games that just freaked you out (and possibly ruined a good pair of underwear/pants)?