90s X-Men Animated Series Revival/Sequel Will Be On Disney+ 2024

Ep 8 nice moments
Classic suits coming up:
Saw Ep 9. another fantastic ep !

Magneto savagely
tore adamantium from Wolverine's bones on a molecular level.

Like what happened before in the comics.
Saw Season 1 final Ep. It's really epic. can't wait for Season 2. The fights were epic, and nice Cyclops, Jean, and Cable, Summers family stuff lol. Magneto and Prof X stuff also nicely done. And the rest of the X-Men. and nice epilogue. Many cameos, Cloak and dagger, Daredevil, Iron-Man, more Cap and another 90s excellent animated series Spidey as Peter Parker with 90s MJ cameo, pretty much resolved the cliffhanger from Spider-Man: TAS's final episode, when he searched for MJ that's been lost to an alternative dimension but no indication of whether Spider-Man found MJ or returned to his original dimension in that final spidey ep back then lol
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