Amazon currently selling Fire Tablet for $33


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The 7" Fire Tablet blew Black Friday 2015 wide open at a mere $35, but Amazon’s upping the ante this year with an even lower $33 offer.


$33 is a pretty good deal for a tablet. The Fire Tablet looks like a good tablet for people who have a very old tablet, or need an affordable tablet for reading, watching video, listening to music, and playing less intensive games.
Is the fire tablets any good?
I was too wondering this. That price is pretty amazing and if the tablet is really good it's worth taking the shot but I have never been too sure about them if I am honest and have always gone for another tablet.
Is the fire tablets any good?

The Fire Tablet is not a powerhouse, but it is good enough for playing more basic games like Angry Brirds, reading eBooks, watching online video, and other less intensive tasks.

But, the touchscreen, speakers, and performance is not as good as more expensive tablets made by Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, and other tablet brands.
It seems like a pretty good tablet for that price, but I'd rather just save more money and buy an iPad Air.
An older or used iPad Mini like the iPad Mini 2 could be a good choice for people who need to use iMessage, Facetime, and Apps which work better on Apple iOS.

I notice some apps like Instagram seems to not work well on cheaper and older Android tablets.