Do you prefer wired or wireless when it comes to gaming?


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No matter what kind of gaming you do whether it be on console or on PC, you will always find that you can either have wired peripherals or you can have wireless peripherals. It really depends on the kind of gamer you are and whether you like to be hooked up by wires or whether you prefer no wires holding you in one place.

I myself when it comes to PC gaming prefer to have my mouse and my keyboard wired just because I use that for more than just gaming and I feel it would die a lot more frequently.

When it comes to Xbox gaming, I have a wireless controller and I am happier with a wireless controller as I find the wires can get in the way and become a pain when I am gaming.

Do you prefer wired or wireless peripherals when it comes to gaming?
Thought I always stick with wired but wireless is so nice.
I would say wireless is a great option. You get the freedom when you are playing games which is cool.