Do you use a stand/mobile holder when you play games on your tablet or smartphone?


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Yes, I use a stand-case for playing games on my Nvidia Shield Tablet because I usually use a controller for playing games with controller support on my Nvidia Shield.

For simple touch games like Angry birds, Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush Saga, and Flappy Birds, I also use a stand because I can use both hands to play a game which can be useful for games like Fruit Ninja, and games which you need to swipe a lot on the screen.

PS3 controller klip holder for iOS & ANDROID smartphones looks pretty nice for smartphone user.

When it comes to mobile/tablet games, I usually just use the gadget itself because its much easier for me control that way. But then again, I don't install a lot of games on my mobile and tablet.
Nope, don't use anything like that. I just hold it in my hands.
Nope, I don't even own one let alone use one. I don't play enough serious type games on my phone to bother buying one.

I think a smartphone or tablet stand could make it slightly easier playing less serious games like Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja because you can use both hands to play, and all your fingers which can be useful for games like Fruit Ninja where you slice fruit a lot. You are also less likely to drop your phone or tablet during more intensive levels in games which require a lot of screen tapping, and swiping on your screen.

A Stand can also be useful for non-gaming tasks like watching video.
I hold it in my hands since i feel it is easier.Maybe sometimes when I sit on a chair I would put the stand on a table and maybe play but mostly I hold it in my hands
I play alot of mmorpgs on my phone and i think i don't need a mobile holder for that in my opinion but if youre getting uncomfortable you can buy a mobile holder.
Probably somewhat healthy for your posture, but I personally don't use one, as I don't play many games on my phone anyway, so it isn't worth it for me.
I use a stand occasionally, usually when I'm laying down and playing a game. It's a really cheap stand that I got for like $5 and it's typically used to stand up the tablet for watching videos or movies so it doesn't put the tablet in the best position to play games. However, it works in a pinch.
Oh, I wish. If I had something like that controller I'd surely play more mobile games, because one of the biggest reasons why I just can't get into mobile games is that the screen is too small and too hard to interact. You can't walk around in mobile games, just click and drag... That sucks. But it's good to know that they're making it easier to play mobile games. I think they have potential.
Not for nothing, I have always wanted to try this because I'm sure there are so many free game apps out there that would work great on this. I even saw a video on YT the other day where there was an app that was like GTA. When I saw that, I was instantly sold and that's coming from a person that really enjoyed hand held gaming. However, if I could transfer that on to a big screen it would be even better which I have also seen gamers do online. But if I couldn't then using a stand for the phone would be a cool alternative.