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    Fanta Streams on Twitch!
    • Link to Gaming Latest promotion: Twitter post
    • Date channel started: It's the last 3 months where I've really pushed my channel but my earliest ones were from 2013.
    • Type of content: Variety. Mainly consisting of Challenge Runs (eg: Pokemon Nuzlockes), Old-school Nintendo games and Indie/quirky games.
    • Age rating: Teen.
    • Channel description: Hi, I'm Fanta. I'm a 20-something, from Melbourne, Australia.

      This is my variety stream channel consisting of Challenge Runs, Time Trials and a whole load of fun! I like to play Challenge Runs because they bring new light into games that I already love. If you have any suggestions for some, let me know.

      I've been playing games for as long as I can remember. First console was the NES. My favourite is Nintendo 64, followed by 3DS.

      Feel free to leave a message in chat if you're lurking. I'm always keen to talk about games, game development, pop culture and your pets! :D
    • Link to channel: Fanta Streams on Twitch
    • Featured video: Catch up on the Crystal Clear Nuzlocke here!
    • Additional information: I'm currently aiming for Twitch Affiliate. I'm so close to one of the requirements, 50 followers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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