How's the weather today?

Cold as I dont know what.
60s today, very unusual for November weather.
It's 10:18 GMT now and the sun is already up. It's going to be a very bright day. The heat of the sun should please take it easy on us today.
41° & cloudy. May get some rain late tonight. As long as it stays above freezing & doesn't turn into snow.
It's gonna be a washout tomorrow because of all the rain coming.
It was cloudy all day. I thought it was going to rain, even the weather forcast sighted it was going rain but eventually it never did.
right now, thanksgiving day, its 34 Fahrenheit right now.... cold. sweater weather. haha
It's also very sunny here today at 52 degrees. I liked it though because I was outdoor all day. It made everywhere lively.
Here too! We got a couple of inches. Right now it's only 26°. The forecast says occasional snow for next few hours. Have very high winds so the wind chill is colder being outside. I took a shorter walk with our dog than normal.
It's never advisable being out in such weather unless it's something that you can't help with not being outside for it.