Last Game Beaten

Nick Kart Racers 2
US Nintendo 64 version for retroachievements!
I started the Japanese 1.0 Nintendo 64 version, since I'm interested to see all the differences between the Japanese and US versions!
Goosebumps: The Game on the PS4.
As Dusk Falls - Xbox
The last game I can remember beating was Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It took me about 35 hours to complete the main story and 90 hours to finish it all.
It is Minecraft for me. I was expecting to win only not to get to the end of the level that I am playing on.
I beat Sword and Shield and the post-game. So it's really only training and Battle Tower. And I always thought that part wasn't too fun.
Star Ocean The Divine Force, Universe Difficulty, PS4, 50 hours with minimal sidequesting, got nice characters and story and managed to get PLOT Waifu Elena Ending yay! lol