Last Game Played

Completed maddening Eirika's paralogue. The hard part was preventing the 2 Thieves from stealing the treasures.

My lineup:

Eirika Defeated
I was playing Pokemon Go. I beat the Team Go Rocket Leaders in a measly two days and that includes their boss Giovanni. Nice they had a Shadow Regice event. Pokemon Go might be my favorite Pokemon game for how compact it is to play. My only gripe is I don't get out enough for raids and those goodies but I've done just about everything else so far.
Fire Emblem Engage, Switch. Completed Maddening Chapter 20. The hard part was preventing the thieves from getting the treasures and running away.

my lineup:

Griss defeated:
Completed Maddening Celica's Paralogue. Diamant was the MVP.

My Lineup:

Celica defeated:
Completed Chapter 21. Pretty tough chapter, 3 maddening bosses, many enemies with maddening stats from 3 sides all rushing in to attack you at once and with many enemy reinforcements, however my defensive formation prevailed! yay! lol

My lineup:

Griss defeated:

Zephia's PLOT defeated:

Loli dragon defeated:
Front Mission First Remake Pc version. U.C.S Storyline. Having fun customizing my Mc's Mecha and my Squad's Mecha.
Took a pic of Mc's Mecha, Lynx:
Spyro The Dragon The Eternal Night for GBA this time. The concept is great and there is varied combat but enemies get annoying as well as bosses. For bosses you really have to telegraph getting out of the attack hotboxes or you lose before you are trying.
Grid for the Xbox One.