Last Game Played

Flight Simulator on the Series X. Doing some of the tutorials because I'm hoping to start some flying lessons next year (real ones)
More Flight Simulator on the Series X. Practising as much as I can to see if I want to go ahead with flight lessons in 2024 :grin:
Pokemon Go. I am very close to getting shadow Regirock from Giovanni but I need to level up and I am out of stardust at the moment.
The last game which I played on my Playstation 5 was KAKU: Ancient Seal. It's an open world action adventure fantasy game. Players explore through a big continent that's filled with strange creatures, ancient ruins, and unique tribes. I had a very good time playing the game last weekend.
Grid on the Xbox Series S.
The original COD: MWIII for the Xbox 360. Started streaming the campaign mode.
The Crew Motorfest
Ready or Not, PC, Completed The Gas Station barricaded Suspects with hostages Mission. Recorded it, got an A+ not bad lol:
Pokemon White breeding my competitive Pokemon to transfer to the recent DLC that dropped for Scarlet! I'm definitely going to need the Teddiursa line but it makes me mad I can't get Bloodmoon Ursaluna with it, so they might as well not add it to the evolutionary line at all!
The last game I played was Fortnite last night. Played for quite a few hours with my kids at the Fortnite Festival. It's a lot of fun but I do wish we had more of a choice of songs to play on the mode but it is still early days.