Towards The Pantheon - New Trailer & Greenlight Campaign!


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Towards the Pantheon is the new top down role playing game that is currently in development that throws away the traditional RPG cliches of potions and elemental powers in favour of a more unique approach. We've just released our new trailer and launched our Steam Greenlight campaign!


In Towards the Pantheon the world has been at peace for over 1000 years but now a new elite group known as The Sworn Light are gaining power and raising tensions in the world. Four unlikely heroes group together and venture through dangerous lands to defeat this new group at The Pantheon. The heroes are an odd assortment; there is Freyja the warrior, a cat named Bam, Mishima the cyborg, and Phenez, a ghost looking for redemption. Each hero has their own unique battle and overworld mechanics along with personal and philosophical dilemmas.


The game’s battle system also differs from the traditional RPGs as each character has their own unique mechanics. For example, Freyja uses Health Points and Stamina Points (HP/SP), Bam uses Health Points and Energy Points (HP/EP), Mishima uses Central Processing Unit Points and Graphics Processing Unit Points (CPU/GPU), and Phenez uses Necro Points (NP). This means that the player will have to adapt their strategies based on each character's strengths, and which characters are present during battle. Towards the Pantheon also uses cards and combos in battle. Players can find cards throughout the game and these can be used in various combinations to summon powers during combat.


While Towards The Pantheon is influenced by classic games such as Paper Mario, Golden Sun, and Silent Hill, the game aims to leave its own mark of originality by bending the rules of game mechanics, storytelling, pacing, and audio found in traditional RPGs.

More info can be found on the game's webpage and on the Steam Greenlight page.


I'm interested in your feedback regarding my game, and I'd also greatly appreciate if you can share the trailer and Greenlight campaign around, as well as giving the Greenlight campaign your Yes Vote! Thanks!