1. Artisan Vistra

    Multi It's Very Much Implied TFB Is Making Spyro...

    The news is Microsoft struck a deal with the recently declared indie studio Toys For Bob on a new game. There are many references to Crash and Spyro on their official site and sources. Spyro is definitely planning to show up. I'd give it some months for an announcement and a year for the release.
  2. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo UK Gamecube Trademark Filed

    Source This trademark implies Gamecube compatibility or NSO with the Switch 2 or Switch. We still have some speculating to do but surely with the titles in physical editions that are remakes of Gamecube titles, it would be safe to say it is possible for both.
  3. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Pokemon Day (Poke-Monday) 2/27/2023

    There's some news regarding events. Mobile games are still getting updates. Suicune gets a Scarlet Form (Water/Dragon Tera: Water ) in Tera Raids and Virizion is getting a Violet Form (Grass/Psychic Tera: Psychic) starting now. POKEMONDAY is a code for Pokemon Unite. Pokemon RG (the Japanese...
  4. M

    The video game The Cecil: The Journey Begins is scheduled for release in 2023.

    Genie Interactive Games' horror game TheCecil: The Journey Begins focuses on the occult goings-on in the titular hotel and the malevolent forces that seem to emanate from it, but with a twist and some fictitious occurrences. Go on an adventure through the hotel and discover the secrets and tales...
  5. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Palworld

    Perhaps the only game you'd want to play from Steam and later Xbox/PS5 (not Switch:ranting:) is Palworld. It is a completely original idea with nothing related to other open-world monster games because in this one you get your gun out and slaughter sentient animals and animal slaves peacefully...
  6. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Microsoft Plans For Supporting Other Consoles

    This is based on the majority of fans of said Blizzard Activision series that said it might only be on Xbox however, Microsoft is reaching out in this recent blog that they have plans to support the other two big consoles on the market in the future. This is what I always wanted for them, but...
  7. OPG609

    Multi Honor of Kings: World Official Reveal Trailer - Upcoming Free To Play RPG Game

  8. OPG609

    PC/Mobile SERUM Reveal Trailer - Upcoming Futuristic First-Person Survival Open World Game (Developed By "Game Island S.A.")

  9. OPG609

    PC/Mobile Guild Wars 2's third expansion "End of Dragons" now has a release date of (February 28) announced in a new trailer

  10. OPG609

    Multi Shadow Warrior 3 - Release Date Reveal Trailer (March 1, 2022)

  11. Artisan Vistra

    So This 13 Year Old is Already a Pro in SSBU

    You've seen 15 year-olds in Melee but now we see a 13 year old competitive Smash player destroying some of the best. I think this means there's going to be a rise in younger pro players after this or some people will drop the game altogether and try Melee or 64. But for me it gives me hope that...
  12. froggyboy604

    Do you think there would be many newspapers which have online news blogs in the future?

    I feel in the future there may not be as many newspapers which still post online news on their news blog. Hiring many website news writers, and journalist is very expensive, and making money from ads and selling paid subscriptions may not be profitable enough to hire many writers, editors...
  13. Arbie

    PC/Mobile Twelve Sky 2 : The Limitless Releases their 1st BANLIST

    So i was scrolling on Facebook when i stumbled upon their post 12 hrs ago about the BANLIST as a lot of players were complaining about the Million Critical ! of some players in PVP area. I hope all games responds to cheaters/hackers fast enough for all the players to enjoy but sadly Rules of...
  14. froggyboy604

    Is the News Making it Bad for Men to Wear Women Clothing?

    It is possible that there are some people who will think men who wear women clothing are bad people after reading some news or Facebook and Twitter posts which claim men who wear women clothing are dangerous people.
  15. C

    Towards The Pantheon - New Trailer & Greenlight Campaign!

    Towards the Pantheon is the new top down role playing game that is currently in development that throws away the traditional RPG cliches of potions and elemental powers in favour of a more unique approach. We've just released our new trailer and launched our Steam Greenlight campaign! In...
  16. Demon_Skeith

    April 1st 2016

    Ahhh, another April 1st has gone by. Has everyone survived? All my members here? Good, it was another day of jokes everyone that broke hearts, enraged others and cost people their jobs/business. You can find a decent round up here and here but the biggest one was Google's joke which altered a...
  17. Demon_Skeith

    Other VR not for kids?

    So if you guys don't know, I currently wear glasses and why do I wear glasses? Maybe it's family genetics, maybe I was born with bad eyes or maybe it was because I always played games to closely to the old big tube tv screens. If kids of today were to use VR tech, what would that close screen...