1. froggyboy604

    The First E-Ink Laptop Makes Sense...

    This laptop could be good for people who read a lot of text. User who need very long battery life maybe interested in this laptop. I feel I rather buy an e-ink monitor instead of a lapop with a built-in e-ink display.
  2. froggyboy604

    The new Microsoft Surface Laptop SE/Student Edition

    Enable students to unlock learning and develop new skills with a laptop that seamlessly runs Windows 11 SE and Microsoft 365 for Education*, including easy-to-use web experiences. Surface Laptop SE brings value to schools and IT admins who demand secure, premium experiences for students and...
  3. froggyboy604

    A Minecraft laptop MYSTERY TECH!

    I never expected that there is a Minecraft themed laptop. I like the green color of this laptop.
  4. froggyboy604

    OneGx1 Pro Mini Gaming Laptop - 16GB Of Ram, Tiger Lake i7, Iris Xe Handheld Powerhouse!

    In this video, we take a look at the all-new OneGx1 Pro mini handheld gaming Laptop. The One GX 1 is powered by an 11th gen Intel i7 1160G7 with CPU speeds up to 4.4GHz and backed by 16GB of LPDD4X Ram and paired with Intel IRIS R Xe graphics. So can this mini handheld laptop run games like...
  5. froggyboy604

    Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

    This laptop look thin. I wish it had more USB ports.
  6. froggyboy604

    Lenovo's Foldable PC Prototype Hands-On: The Future of 2-in-1's

    We got a chance to get our hands on Lenovo's new early prototype foldable PC. This device has some familiar features like an OLED screen and Bluetooth keyboard, but unlike other 2-in-1 laptops, the entire device can fold in half. This let's it fold up to around the size of a paper notebook for...
  7. froggyboy604

    Did you wish more laptops in 2019 have wired Ethernet networking internet ports?

    A wired Ethernet internet port can come in handy when the Wi-fi on a laptop is broken, so I wish more laptops these days have a wired internet port.
  8. froggyboy604

    Does using a USB hub with a power adapter help with increasing a laptop's battery life?

    I feel a powered USB hub with a power adapter can help increase a laptop's battery life since a USB hub with a power adapter is powering things like a portable USB hard drive, flash drive, mouse and external keyboard instead of the USB devices like a mouse getting its power from the laptop's...
  9. froggyboy604

    Cheapest Laptops on Amazon

    Some of these cheap laptops features in this video look good to use for less CPU and RAM tasks like watching online video, e-mail, and office work. I'm surprised that the Asus laptop let users install an internal hard drive by opening a door at the bottom of the laptop like most old laptop made...
  10. froggyboy604

    Is the built-in 32GB storage drive on cheaper laptops good for installing games?

    I think 32GB storage drives on cheaper laptops like the HP stream are okay for installing smaller games which are a few hundred MB or less in file size, or one or two bigger size games. The 32GB drive on newer cheap laptops are SSD and flash memory chips, so the read and write times are usually...
  11. froggyboy604

    Is it annoying that some laptops don't have upgradeable/removable storage drives?

    I feel it can be annoying that some more expensive laptops like the 2017 Apple Macbook Pro don't have upgradeable/removable SSD drives because the SSD is soldered/glued to the motherboard on the laptop. But, I'm fine with cheaper $100 to $250 new laptops having non-upgradeable because the price...
  12. froggyboy604

    Do you think cheap laptop/Chromebooks be more popular if it come with 3GB of RAM instead of 2GB RAM?

    I feel there would be fewer people being as unhappy with their very cheap laptop if it came with 3GB of RAM instead of 2GB of RAM which is still a popular amount of RAM for laptops which are under $200 USD. More people maybe willing to buy a slightly more expensive Chromebook and cheap laptop...
  13. froggyboy604

    Would you buy a computer without a logo or brand name on it?

    I will buy a computer without any logo or brand name on it. Many custom built gaming computers have no brands on the case. But, I think there are people who will not buy a computer without a brand or logo on it because having no brands can attract unwanted attention from people who want to...
  14. froggyboy604

    Would people use their old laptops longer if it is easy to change the case with another case?

    I think people who are more interested in fashion, and being trendy may continue to use their older laptop if they can more easily install their laptop parts into a nicer looking case which is made of metal, or has a more modern design. Some old laptops made by IBM, Compaq, and HP don't look...
  15. froggyboy604

    What US Laptop will have the highest percentage of laptops which are repaired in the future?

    I feel Google Chromebooks may have the highest percentage of laptops which needs to be repaired in the future because many Chromebook users are very young students who can be less careful with their laptop than an older adult who don't want to waste money on replacing and repairing laptops...
  16. froggyboy604

    Porsche Made a LAPTOP?? – Book One Review

    The Porsche Design Book One Laptop could be the closest thing to Macbook Pro build quality on a Windows machine. Or it's a waste, LOL. I feel the people buying this laptop will most likely buy this laptop as a status symbol, and as a collector's item to someday sell back at a higher price to...
  17. froggyboy604

    ASUS NovaGO hands-on

    This looks like a okay laptop for basic tasks. But, $599 is expensive for a basic laptop with 64GB storage, 4GB of RAM and a mobile Phone/tablet Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU. Users can get a regular Windows 10 laptop with 8GB of RAM, Intel i3 or i5 CPU, disc drive, more storage for $500 on...
  18. froggyboy604

    The BEST Laptop/Tablet for $200! -- Lenovo Miix 320 2-In-1 Review

    The price of $200 for this laptop tablet PC is affordable. This looks like a good tablet for doing basic tasks like watching online video, social networking, e-mail, and some casual gaming. I'm surprised that this tablet comes with USB-C, Full size USB port, Micro-HDMI, MicroSD slot, webcam...
  19. froggyboy604

    Is the poor reliability of many laptops a reason for some people to switch to tablets?

    It is possible that more people are switching to tablets like the iPad, Microsoft Surface tablet, and Nvidia Shield tablet because of their poor experience with laptops which sometimes break after a few years of regular use. There are still many people who still use the iPad 2, and Amazon...
  20. froggyboy604

    Hard to find laptop with Fast CPU like Intel Core i7 with 4GB of RAM

    Most local electronics and computer stores sell new Intel Core i7 laptops with only 8GB or more GBs of RAM. There is usually no option to buy a Intel Core i7 laptop with the same Intel Core i7 CPU and 4GB of RAM. 6GB of RAM is also becoming less common on laptops which has a faster CPU. Buyers...