1. Jerrar

    Multi Overwatch Halloween Terror Event Details & Roadhog Changes

    This is what Jeff had to say in this regards: “Yes, Roadhog changes were intended for this round of PTR but required animation so they’ve been delayed a bit. He’s not getting a “rework”… just some tuning/balancing. Will take a bit more time then the recent PTR changes that went up, however.”...
  2. Jerrar

    PC/Mobile Blizzard Teases Fans With New Exclusive Demon Hunter Sombra Skin

    Blizzard has just unveiled its all-new Legendary Overwatch skin called the “Demon Hunter Sombra” which will be available to BlizzCon attendees and players who purchase the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket. This means anyone who has a virtual ticket to the upcoming Blizzard Conference, will be rewarded...
  3. PlayerAuctions

    Check-out your Overwatch Stats for your Accounts Et al.!!!

    An overview, statistics details per Overwatch Statistics for Accounts, Items, Power Leveling and CD Keys.Check out the real-time stats here: https://www.playerauctions.com/value-calculator/overwatch-account-worth/
  4. PlayerAuctions

    How to Predict an Overwatch Account’s Value?

    Dabbling in Overwatch account trading can be tough. But now that you can do the math for account prices, it’s going to be much easier using Overwatch Account Value Calculator. Happy trading! Check it out here: Overwatch Account Value Calculator
  5. PlayerAuctions

    What's New? Overwatch Uprising Returns For 2018

    Last year’s event took place near the end of Overwatch as an organization. It was an Overwatch mission tasked to defeat the Null Sector uprising in King’s Row. You can either play as Tracer, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, or Mercy. However, this year’s Uprising will be much more revamped. The game mode...
  6. Jerrar

    Multi Watch Overwatch League Finals on twitch and get the exclusive sprays and 2x league tokens

    According to the official Overwatch blog post, the four new sprays along with the double league tokens are going to be given to fans who are watching the Grand Finals live. The list of new sprays include the following items: Match’s On! with Hanzo, Zarya, Sombra, and McCree Watchparty...
  7. Jerrar

    Multi Overwatch League Enters Playoffs, Watch All The Matches On ESPN and Disney

    The next 10 days are bringing a storm in the world of Overwatch as 6 teams will battle it out for the OWL title and the $1 Million Prize money. After a hectic 5 months, 4-stages of OWL season, 6 teams have made it to what matters the most, The Playoffs. Apart from claiming the honor of becoming...
  8. Jerrar

    Blizzard Is Having DDoS Attacks

    Blizzard is once again facing DDoS attacks which is currently affecting all of its game servers and as a result, no one is able to play any of their games let alone Overwatch. This time around, the DDoS attack started off with creating login issues for Blizzard players. This is something that...
  9. Jerrar

    Multi Overwatch’s New Hero Hammond Is A Cute Wrecking Machine

    Teasing the release of the hero in a few comics and videos, Blizzard has now revealed the latest addition to the Overwatch hero pool and surprisingly it is a Hamster in a huge Mech. The hero is pretty cute on the inside but the Mech that it uses is no-where near Mr.Nice Guy. The reveal, further...
  10. Jerrar

    How to Deal with Overwatch FPS Issues?

    Ever since the release of Overwatch, it has made quite a name for itself in the world of video games, with a cult following in the hundreds of thousands. However, a major chunk of the game’s active player base has been complaining about Overwatch FPS issues. Now, for a game like Overwatch, such...
  11. Jerrar

    Overwatch Map Callouts

    Callouts are a staple of competitive online games since the time of Quake 3D. They provide a shorthand to the players for quick and easy communication. While some game developers have incorporated callouts in their game, sadly in Overwatch these are a courtesy not extended by Blizzard. YET...
  12. Jerrar

    Multi New Overwatch Hero Teased in PTR

    Anyone who has ever played the Horizon Lunar Colony map would have come across the giant screen found in the map which indicates that two specimens, Hammond and Winston, are missing. This, sparked a controversy in the community, linking to Hammond being Overwatch’s 28th hero. However, with the...
  13. Jerrar

    OMG!! This just popped up on my fb feed, D.Va-mari <3 <3

    As a D.Va main this is the ultimate swag, drool drool drool. I'll be posting images as soon as I get it. D.va fans show your hands.
  14. ralphfaith

    Overwatch Heroes Bracelet

    Hey guys, I've been reading an article related to Overwatch merchandise and found these bracelets really cool. Though to share it others! There is addition 10% discount on the use of code 'OW10'.
  15. ralphfaith

    Overwatch - Versions of Pachimari being issued worldwide

    I've seen this Pachimari in the map, lying and being fired. But is there any hacked version of Pachimari as well named as Sombrachimari, hacked by Sombra? I've read this in an article.
  16. ralphfaith

    Overwatch - Pachimari is hacked by Sombra?

    I've never seen such lore before but this reddit post is making me curious that what version of Pachimari is this? Is there something like this in the game which I never found?
  17. Demon_Skeith

    Multi Overwatch was full of cheaters

    Blizzard is keeping gameplay fun and fair by permanently banning Overwatch cheaters, including players that take advantage of hacks, bots, or third-party software that provides any sort of unfair advantage. On the official Overwatch forums, it revealed tons of cheaters have been banned...