PlayStation Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part II: Rebirth

So is that her swimsuit? Looks subpar.
still hoping there will be an official swimsuit PLOT for her in the game as director said plenty of costumes for characters...
Se posted this:
Wonder when the game will leak early?
There are many people posting leak stuff on 4chan and other forums. And I think the Tifa Bikini PLOT is real There's a pic on it lol

And don't know if this is real leak or not on Tifa's Gold Saucer PLOT scene lol:

Tifa’s Gold Saucer Date: she talks about the same stuff in the original but she gets really close to confessing, Cloud sees this and tries to kiss her but she turns around because of a loud firework near them and he kisses her cheek, both get embarrassed and Tifa then tells him to not tell this to anyone.
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Update : Ok I think the date scene leak was true I got the pic lol Cloud making his PLOT move on Tifa's PLOT lol
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So If Cloud goes through Tifa's closet during the flashback scene Tifa will call him an arshole in Rebirth lol wonder if this will lower her affection points considerably lol.
read someone said that Square-Enix put a takedown on the Cloud and Tifa date scene screenshot leak lol.