The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Into Reverie

standard issue stuff with Nadia lol.
Considering this series can't kill off anyone, I can't believe they made a character like her >_>
Poor Nadia's Teddy Bear lol the bear pretty much got "killed" many times over by the owner lol
So Nadia is some novel character finally brought into the game? Guessing they will be in the games moving forward?
Yes. They are in Trails Of Black 2.
Main purpose of the game is to close the CrossBell arc storywise.
Nadia's VA is Suzie Yeung and she is also Yuffie''s VA so Nadia is sadistic Yuffie lol
I beat the final boss and the game is technically over. Abyss difficulty really was a gem and made the whole game as hard as I wanted the previous games to be. Some insanely hard fights took hours over the course of multiple days to beat. I'll make a list later of the hardest ones.
Overall the story was so haphazard random and had bits and pieces of many games I didn't play and even the ones I played have forgotten about that I completely gave up trying to follow the story which seemed like some lazily thrown together filler and just fast forwarded through it and just enjoyed the fights. However with no real story, Id say the hype of building up a strong enemy just to face them is not there at all which was there in the previous games.
As tradition, I went and fought every single fight worth fighting in the entire game which is one of the reasons it took so long to beat this game. With the reverie corridor thing and so much to do in it, the gameplay time probably went 3-4x the length of the previous game.
Loved the new characters in rufus's party and fighting with them was a tonne of fun.
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