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    Funniest thing I've seen (Twitch stream where users control the player)

    Um, I'm surprised the ask the helix fossil site wasn't mentioned. Here's a link:
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    X and Y easter eggs...

    I've been playing Y for a while and already I found a few easter eggs. I haven't beaten the whole game yet so i'll add more when I see them. In route 5 you'll find a kid that says "Want to know why I wear shorts in all grass?" After defeating him, he'll then say "Because they're comfy and easy...
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    Will Virtual Reality ever catch on in gaming?

    Well the oculus rift as far as I know has no criticism and there's pretty good games for it. So maybe it will get a step forward in gaming. We might see another virtual boy again but this time successful.
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    Make up the best creepypastas ever!

    I found a game with no label in a store that asked be odd questions in the game. The next day place I got it from was gone. Ever since I played this game I felt a sense of dread as if something was watching me wherever I go. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I secretly grabbed my...
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    Did Yveltal wipe out many of Kalos' original native species?

    We still haven't been able to get into the game's data to see if the 69 pokemon truly are the only new ones. We had an advantage for the ds ones because the action replay was able to get into the data and see what the black and white pokemon were. So far we haven't been able to figure that out...
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    Why are the third cover legendaries in the recent games so weak?

    I think we'll see event pokemon in the future. Since we can't action replay to get ahead of nintendo for the knowledge of future event pokemon (yet) I guess we'll just have to sit back and wait. I'm sure we'll see some dynamic pokemon that is really powerful.
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    What the hell is this creepy Pokemon X and Y easter egg?

    I think this is basically a running joke now. First was diamond/pearl/platinum with the ghosts of the old man and little girl, then came black and white with the girl that vanishes on marvelous bridge and it continues on in black and white 2 where after you see her then go to the strange house...
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    New Pikachu Game

    This game sounds like it's going to have a playstyle like pokemon trozei. Where quick thinking is an advantage. What I still don't get is nintendo made a pokepark 2, a black and white 2 yet not another pokemon snap. The 3ds and wii u function would work PERFECTLY for one and if this will be like...
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    I want to start a gaming channel on youtube...

    I'm thinking of doing something like a terraria video (after I find someone I could play alongside with) but I still don't have any recording software and I have the mic I need and another thing is I don't know how long I should have each video and what software would be easy to use and not...
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    Anyone else get disappointed by stuff in games you can't replay easily?

    Yeah I hate that too. If only more games do this feature (and if it's an rpg make it stronger that way it isn't a basic 1 hit kill). This topic is why while i'm playing super metroid (only snes rom I gotten so far) I make sure I put separate savestates right before the bosses I encounter. that...
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    You know, there's one thing I'm glad isn't in Mario & Luigi Dream Team...

    To be honest, the challenges actually seemed alright. I think the real hated came from the turn limit that you had to beat the boss in that set number of turns. A stronger version of bosses you've beaten would be good (since I always like reminencing a boss fight) but the turn limit would suck...
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    Minecraft 1.6.1

    I actually looked around on the internet and found out there's an unused skeleton horse and zombie horse. Both horses look exactly like the link to the mod I posted. Does notch look into mods from time to time? Because this can't be a simple coincidence
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    Smash Bros. 4 Drops Story Mode, Gains Customization

    When I saw the word customization did anyone else think of pit? I think that instead of a story we'll probably get some tournament mode where if we get some streak we fight a character that we can unlock which, I guess could work depending on how they do it.
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    Is it possible we might not have a third main legendary in X and Y?

    I think it could be a slight possibility it could be awakened mewtwo, but very unlikely. another trio or two could be introduced again (after all black and white introduced two) but I guess we'll never know if there's a third legendary until we play the game. We could get possibly x and y 2...
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    Is Pokemon X and Y gonna speed along 3DS hacking?

    I honestly can't tell. There is basically no unused content known about any 3ds game (but i'm sure new super Mario bros 2 has some) and no way to see any coding inside so i'm very doubtful.